Great Standard & Extended Auto Parts Warranties Available

For Warranty Details Call: 540-886-5970 or 800-476-5970

When You Buy In-Stock Used Auto Parts From Staunton Wrecking, We Offer the Confidence of Outstanding Warranty Protection Options

When buying used auto and truck parts you want to feel confident that the parts you purchase will not only save you money but will correct your problems and be durable!  At Staunton Wrecking, we perform quality checks on every part possible to ensure that the parts you buy from us stand up to our highest quality standards. We then stand behind those parts by making our standard and extended warranties available for most in-stock parts purchases. Call one of our sales representatives for warranty details and availability for your parts purchase.

Standard 30, 60 & 90 Day Warranties

At Staunton Wrecking we offer 30, 60 or 90 day standard warranties on most in-stock used auto parts purchases.  Call one of our sales team members for complete details on your parts purchase.

Extended Parts Warranties Available for Up to 3 Years!

In addition to our Standard Warranties,  we offer low cost, outstanding extended warranties for most in-stock recycled mechanical parts.  We offer extended warranties of one year and three years.  Call our sales team for complete extended warranty details, pricing and availability for your parts purchase.